How to Create a Twin Flame Love Box - and why you NEED one....!

Learn How to Boost Your Vibration, and Return your Twin Flame Connection back to one of Twin Flame Love!

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Dear 🔥 Twin Flame 🔥,

How are you going on your Twin Flame Journey ?

Are you feeling HAPPY and DANCING AROUND full of feelings of 'TWIN FLAME LOVE'?

Perhaps not.....??

If you often find yourself experiencing:

  • Feelings of ‘Overwhelm
  • Emotional Roller Coaster’ Ups and Downs
  • Often feeling ‘Stuck’ and ‘Depressed’
  • Only to then be ‘Hopeful’ and LOVING again?

DONT WORRY... You aren't alone!

The Emotional Twin Flame Roller Coaster

Many of us, after learning we are on the Twin Flame Journey, find ourselves on an emotional rollercoaster that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy… [even if we’re grateful for it].

As a Twin Flame, the emotional rollercoaster nature of the Twin Flame Journey, takes you through some of the highest highs and lowest lows.

  • Beautiful spiritual feelings of absolute bliss and ONENESS with your Twin Flame,
  • and then down to deep EGO-related emotions of despair, helplessness, abandonment and blame.

When stuck in these lower emotions, it is hard to navigate your Twin Flame Journey, whilst at the same time very easy to react ‘badly’ and damage your 3D Twin Flame relationship.


The Twin Flame Experience is all one of LOVE. Why is it so hard........??


Surely, there has to be a better way....

  • A way, that can make your Twin Flame Journey a little more bearable.
  • A way to smooth out the emotional rollercoaster a bit.
  • Or, at least help you to recover faster, after those nasty dips and back flips (otherwise known as Twin Flame Rejection, Twin Flame Blocking, and Twin Flame Ghosting).*sigh*

In, trying to figure out my own Twin Flame Journey alone, I was exhausted. Feeling ‘up’ happy and hopeful one minute, then ‘down’ the next. All the while, I kept looking at my phone, and praying, and praying that my Twin Flame would ring….

"Raising our Twin Flame Frequency and Vibration is so important on the Twin Flame Journey (.... especially if we wish to become an "illumined Twin Flame", or reach Twin Flame Union.)


But most of us, have no idea how to keep our Vibrations high, when dealing with the 'Emotional Roller-Coaster' realities of our Twin Flame Journey.



Then as I searched far and wide for answers, a journey that involved multiple years, and many overseas trips to visit other Twin Flames. I found myself instinctively starting 'intuitive' practises to help me “float” better on the emotional waves of my own “moods”. (And then later on to “float” over my Twin Flame’s “moods”, as well, our Twin Flame telepathic connection deepened.)

With years of research, I’ve packaged what I learned - my “Twin Flame Coping tools” - into what I call, the “How to Create a Twin Flame Love Box ... and why you NEED ONE!” e-course.

The “How to Create a Twin Flame Love Box.. and why you NEED ONE” e-course includes a set of six easy, repeatable practises that assist you in moving your energy and vibration, from a very low, closed-down, and resistant state of ego of mind, up to the higher brighter frequencies of oneness, love, allowance, and gratitude, moving you out of victimhood.


Imagine how great it would be, when next time something goes wrong on your Twin Flame Journey, that you can bounce back easily and effortlessly with no blame or shame on either side. To know with certainty that all is well in your world and you are exactly where you need to be. How great would it be to stay positive and avoid another round of Twin Flame ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. (Very important things that you NEED TO KNOW, since you and your Twin Flame share emotions and feelings!!)


Originally created for my own use during my own Twin Flame Journey, the ‘Twin Flame Love Box’ exercises have been expanded and refined, through sharing them with my Twin Flame coaching students.

Most of my Coaching Clients only get one (1) or two (2) of these, but exclusively in this ‘Twin Flame Love Box e-Course’, I am giving you six (6) 😊.

The “Twin Flame Love Box” not only helps increase your vibration, but helps you look at and respond to your Twin Flame Journey differently, with a lot more love and compassion for both your Twin Flame and your Journey.

My step-by-step instructions help you create your own beautiful “Twin Flame Love Box”, and walk you through the ‘Twin Flame Love Box Exercises’ on how to use it, as needed, to realign yourself back to 'flow' on the Twin Flame path.


The "Twin Flame Love Box" Exercises are a set of coaching tools, contained within fun activities, that you do on your own (or sometimes with your Twin Flame).



The Twin Flame Love Box, is my “go-to-bag” of activities to keep my spirits high, and forward focussed on this Journey - with my heart constantly full of love for my Twin Flame.

(A state I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to maintain regardless of external 3D events. 😊)

"Talk about making the Twin Flame Journey easier. Yay! It is so nice not to be acting from Ego and instead again peace faith and gratitude. The Twin Flame Journey and the Twin Flame work is less painful now more like fun."

I've gotten very favourable feedback from my Coaching Students on these "Twin Flame Love Box" Exercises, and I now feel it is time to open this experience up to more of the Twin Flame community.


Normally, I only share this Twin Flame Love Box exercises with my coaching students after they’ve completed four or five coaching sessions with me [over about USD$500 worth of coaching], but the impact that these exercises can have, is so powerful that I feel it is only fair to make this available to as many people as possible.

To help you discover the benefits of the "Twin Flame Love Box" tool for yourself, I am offering a highly-discounted 'Special Course Launch Price' to the Twin Flame community

Your Instructor


Hi, I'm Kristina and I am a True Twin Flame who has been on this journey for over 13 years. What has really helped me both mentally and emotionally on this journey is a Big Picture Understanding of what the Twin Flame Journey is all about. When you understand the Big Picture behind what you are experiencing, you can let go of the fear, and the worry, and stay in a state of love, joy and allowance that creates Twin Flame Union. Don't worry, you aren't going crazy! I can help you understand what is happening...


What you will learn inside this Course:

🔥🔥 In Modules 1 & 2, I introduce the Course, explain what a “Twin Flame Love Box” is, and how I originally came up with this ‘high vibrational’ idea.

🔥🔥 Module 3, talks about the importance of frequency for Twin Flames, particularly if you want to become an ‘illumined Twin Flame’, and align with our Big Picture Twin Flame Mission. I also take you through a Vibration exercise, so you can actually feel the effects of successive frequency increases for yourself.

🔥🔥 In Modules 4 & 5, I explain how you can plan and create your own “Twin Flame Love Box”. I show you different types of “Love Boxes”, with lots of graphical examples, and multiple ideas for creating one (or more 😊) of your own.

🔥🔥 In Module 6, I explain in detail what to put into your “Twin Flame Love Box” or boxes (using my 2-Step Validation process) and most importantly what you must leave out. My downloadable PDF “Twin Flame Love Box Brainstorming Worksheet” is included in the Course to help you with this process.

🔥🔥 Module 7 is an Optional module, offering suggestions on how you can physically personalize and decorate your “Twin Flame Love Box”. In this module, I also give you the opportunity to upload and share with other students of this course, photos of your own lovingly decorated “Twin Flame Love Box”, if you wish to do so. 😀

🔥🔥 In Module 8, I explain in detail my "Twin Flame Love Box" Exercises, where I give you 6 different ways to use the "Twin Flame Love Box" to increase your vibration, feelings of 'LOVE', and your certainty around your Twin Flame and the Twin Flame Journey.

🔥🔥 In the final Module 9, I recap the key points of the course, and provide advice for your next steps. (If you have any unanswered questions, leave them here in the Q&A section for me to answer for you.)

Course Curriculum

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days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll



The Twin Flame Love Box can:

  • Return you to a ‘State of LOVE’ for your Twin Flame.
  • Help you see your Twin Flame Journey (and your Twin) in a more favourable light.
  • Shift the belief systems that keep you ‘wounded’ and in Twin Flame Separation.
  • Prevent knee jerk ego reactions that undermine your Twin Flame Union.
  • Strengthen and improve your Twin Flame Connection.
  • Increase your Clairaudience skills.
  • Be a simple, fun, and creative way of honouring your Twin Flame Journey.
  • Provide an easily repeatable process to send ♥♥♥ 5D LOVE ♥♥♥ to your Twin Flame.

Let me tell you, nothing feels better than staying in a ‘state of Love’. Woo Hoo!

What are the 6 Twin Flame Love Box Exercises?

Twin Flame Love Box Exercise #1

Got any Twin Flame Pictures or Twin Flame Photos?

Exercise #1 is a great exercise for sending wave after wave of Twin Flame LOVE to your Twin Flame on a 3D level. It is an easy exercise to initiate, especially if you feel the Twin Flame Connection lost. Fantastic for those in Twin Flames Separation or Twin Flame silence who just need to find some way of sharing with their Twin how much they LOVE them, otherwise they are going to ‘burst’.

Twin Flame Love Box Exercise #2

Exercise #2 is a journey back through time to remind you of the love that you and your Twin Flame share. It is through this exercise that you will be able to find the proof to answer questions like: “Does my Twin Flame Love Me?”. This exercise gives you lots of Twin Flame Love signs and tangible proof of your Twin Flame Connection.

Twin Flame Love Box Exercise #3

Exercise #3 looks at your whole Twin Flame journey not just your Twin Flame connection. Exploring 5D aspects of Twin Flame Signs and Twin Flame synchronicities, it helps show you the Bigger Picture, so you can truly realize how supported you are on this Journey. It reminds you of Twin Flame Divine Timing, and the far greater Twin Flame purpose. Use this exercise to ‘activate’ Twin Flame surrender and realise just how strong (in all aspects) your Twin Flame connection really is.

Twin Flame Love Box Exercise #4

Hearing things in your head?

Exercise #4 builds your Twin Flame Telepathy and Clairaudience abilities. This exercise quickly points out signs your Twin Flame is thinking of you, and answers the question of “Does my Twin Flame miss me?”, and “Does my Twin Flame think of me?”. The answers are a resounding – Yes! This uplifting exercise is a joyful one, full of Twin Flame healing vibes. It is an easy one to do with your Twin Flame to help expand and strengthen your Twin Flame Friendship (little steps…)

Twin Flame Love Box Exercise #5

Exercise #5 is a little unusual, something that you never would have thought of. I know many of my coaching students hadn’t, but it is now one of their favourite tools and is so easy to do. Much stronger than a Twin Flame meditation, this exercise truly harnesses the power of Twin Flame vibration and your Twin Flame Energy, and acts as an almost instantaneous ‘Express Elevator’ to higher vibrations. Want to know ‘How you can help your Twin Flame heal’, this exercise provides a great way to help your Twin Flame do just that.

*** NOTE: This particular exercise is worth the entire cost of this course all on its own, because of its spectacular ability to: 1) pull you out of Ego, 2) reduce the chances of YOU causing any new Twin Flame relationship problems, and 3) STOP YOU from potentially blowing up your entire existing 3D Twin Flame situation. ***

Twin Flame Love Box Exercise #6

Exercise #6 comes with some options. The 1st you’ve either got, or not. (Lucky you, if you do!) The 2nd option takes a bit more effort, but it is well worth the bit of practise it takes to perfect this skill. Plug into your ‘Twin Flame connection’ and learn to recognize the signs that indicate your Twin Flame is communicating with you. Find out what your Twin Flame Runner thinks or uncover the male Twin Flame feelings (if appropriate to your situation). Truly discover the depths of your Twin Flame Love. Your Twin Flame will openly share the Twin Flame pain at being apart, and their Twin Flame Unconditional love for you.

🔥🔥 Who is the Twin Flame Love Box e-Course for ? 🔥🔥

This course is for Twin Flames who:

  • LOVE their Twin Flame - No matter what!
  • Are looking for some more certainty about their Twin Flame Connection, and the love of their Twin Flame.
  • Understand that Twin Flames have a greater purpose and mission. (That it isn’t all about the ‘perfect relationship’ and great sex).
  • Realize the spiritual/energetic’ component on their Twin Flame Connection is just as important as the 3D one…. (if not more).
  • Know they are undergoing a ‘Transformation Journey’ or process, and would like some assistance in being able to view it more positively (no more kicking and screaming….!)
  • Would LOVE some cool fun ways to be able to ‘send love’ to their Twin Flame in an easy 5D manner.


This course is NOT SUITABLE for :

  • Twin Flames who have turned their back on their Twin Flame and the Twin Flame Journey.
  • Twin Flames who don’t currently hold love for their Twin Flame (only resentment, blame, anger, etc)
  • Twin Flames who are still looking for people outside of them to fix them, instead of actively doing their own Twin Flame Work.
  • Twin Flames who don’t have the time or inclination to do the preparation work needed to create a Twin Flame Love Box, and its exercises. (What I have to share can change your Journey, but the true TRANSFORMATION only comes when YOU do the WORK!)
  • Soul-Mate relationships, and Non-Twin Flames … (obviously !)


“Thanks for this. Now I understand what’s happening. I’m a sleeping twin. … now I know I can trust the situation.” - GL

“I highly recommend Kristina’s services since I have gained a more grounded and realistic view that I have not found elsewhere”. - HL

“Holy Cow! You just made me realize something HUGE! I love you, thank you so much.” – RCF


"Full step-by-step instructions on how to create your own 'Twin Flame Love Box', along with a set of six easily, repeatable, fun, 'love' activities to quickly raise your own Twin Flame Frequency and Vibration and better align you to Twin Flame Love"

  • 9 x Easy to Follow Modules
  • 5 x Hours of Quality Video Content - spoken in English with English sub-titles/captions
  • 21 x Video Lessons - a mixture of diagrams, bullet points, and talking to camera
  • 6 x Vibration raising 'Twin Flame Love Box' exercises - (telling you what they are, AND when to use them)
  • 1 x 'Twin Flame Love Box Brainstorming Worksheet' (PDF)
  • plus a BONUS 1 x 'Twin Flame Love Box Cheatsheet' (PDF) - a quick reference guide for using the exercises (for your own use... & optionally with your Twin Flame)
  • Q & A Support


Separate audio recording of each 21 x Video Lessons (great for a quick review for those using mobile devices)

🔥🔥 In the "Twin Flame Love Box" e-Course, I give you the equivalent of a 5-hr Twin Flame Coaching Session for a fraction of the usual price. 🔥🔥

If you too, would like to learn and be able to have some very effective "coping tools" on this Twin Flame Journey, then please click the ENROLL IN COURSEbutton below.

You will be glad that you did, or your money back!

(Note: The 'Special Launch Pricing' is only available to the first 100 students, so don't miss out!.....)

The Course is fully-finished, pre-rerecorded and ready for you to instantly enjoy. All you need to do is purchase the Course (via the 'Enroll in Course' button), and you will be on your way to learning how to create your own "Twin Flame Love Box" within minutes.

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This course is pre-recorded. It starts as soon as you sign up - you get immediate access - and it never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You might want to download the Teachable App if your device is IOS.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you've have followed my instructions, created your own "Twin Flame Love Box" and tried all the exercises, but aren't happy, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Do I need to be in already be in Union with my Twin Flame to do this course and its exercises?
Twin Flame Union is not a pre-requisite. This course is actually designed to assist and support those who are still on their Journey towards Twin Flame Union. The tools I teach are valuable ones designed to keep your vibration high, and increase your trust in the bigger picture of the Twin Flame Journey Process, which ultimately makes it easier to reach harmonious Twin Flame Union.
Can I do some of these activities or exercises with my Twin Flame?
Each exercise comes with instructions for completing on our own, along with optional instructions for completing with your Twin Flame. Your ability to use these exercises with your Twin Flame really depends upon where they are in their Twin Flame Journey. The priority behind ALL these exercises is to raise YOUR vibration/frequency and change YOUR perception of the Twin Flame Journey. The ability for the exercises to help deepen your bond with your (awakening) Twin Flame is just an added bonus.
How much time do I need to devote to this?
Some exercises only take a couple of minutes, others ½ hour or more. The initial creation of your Twin Flame Love Box, and its contents, will take a number of hours, but doesn’t need to be done all at once. This e-Course, itself, contains 5-hours of video teachings.
How do you teach this course?
This e-Course is a 5-hour video course, that uses a combination of visual PPTs, and me talking directly to the camera. The course is in English, also and comes with English subtitles to ensure you clearly understand what I have to say. Subtitles can be turned on or off, and the Video playback speed slowed down or sped up, if necessary. I encourage you to take your own notes as you go through the course. The Course includes two PDF downloads: a ‘Twin Flame Love Box Brainstorming Worksheet’, and a BONUS ‘Twin Flame Love Box Exercise Cheat Sheet’ (or Quick Reference Guide).
How do I get my questions answered?
This course contains a Question and Answer (Q&A) section in Module 10, where you can submit any questions you may have, and I will answer them. If I get a lot of similar questions, I might answer then in the form of additional videos, added to the Course content for free. If you want more personalized support from me, you can always purchase one of my service offerings -